Jul 232013

How to Convert AIFF to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AC3 as well as convert MP3, WAV, FLAC, AC3 to AIFF on Mac OS X (Mavericks & Mountain Lion Supported)

AIFF, short form for Audio Interchange File Format, is uncompressed audio file format developed by Apple Computer. AIFF, with the extension of .aiff, is used by Apple as its audio standard on Mac OS X. Like the umcompressed audio format WAV and SDII, standard FIFF is a leading format supported by many professional-level audio and video applications such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro. Though MP3 can be imported to iMovie and Garageband for edit, compared to the compressed MP3, AIFF will give fewer sound quality loss.

This article introduces a powerful and easy-to-use AIFF Converter for Mac and a step-by-step guide to convert AIFF to MP3, 320kbps MP3, WAV, 24bit WAV, FLAC, AC3, OGG, M4A, WMA on Mac as well convert convert MP3, WAV, FLAC, AC3, OGG, M4A, WMA, APE, AU, VOX, VOC, QCP, SHN to AIFF on Mac OS X.

About AIFF Converter for Mac

AIFF Converter for Mac can batch convert any kinds of Audio Interchange File Format .aiff, .aif, .aifc to all popular audio formats like convert AIFF to MP3, 320kbps MP3, WAV, 24bit WAV, WMA, WMA Lossless, AC3, AAC, M4A, OGG, FLAC, DTS, RA, Apple Lossless ALAC on Mac OS X. In addtion, this Mac AIFF Converter can also convert lossy or lossless audio MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC, Apple Lossless, M4A, WMA, WMA lossless, VOX, VOC, QCP, SHN, OGG, APE, AU, RA to AIFF format to play lossless on Mac, import to iMovie, Final Cut, Garageband for edit.

The Mac AIFF Converter is also a video to audio converter which allows to extract audio from video and convert to desired audio format like AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, WMA, WAV, M4A, AC3, etc. What’s more, an advanced AIFF editor is built in the AIFF Converter for Mac. So, you can easily increase AIFF audio volume, compress AIFF to a smaller file size, merge several AIFF files into one, adjust AIFF audio sample rate, bitrate, channels and etc.

AIFF Converter is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4(Tiger), 10.5(Leopard), 10.6(Snow Leopard), 10.7(OS X Lion), 10.8(OS X Mountain Lion) and 10.9(OS X Mavericks).

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert AIFF to/from MP3, WAV, FLAC, AC3 on Mac

Free download AIFF Converter for Mac, install and run it.

Step 1: Add files to AIFF Converter for Mac

Click “Add File” button to add your source files to the Mac AIFF Converter.

How to convert AIFF on Mac

Step 2: Choose output format

Take converting AIFF to MP3 format for example. Click the “Profile” Drop-down list and choose “MP3 – MPEG-3 Audio(*.mp3)” as the profile from “General Audio” category.

Step 3: Customize output audio settings

To convert AIFF to 24bit WAV on Mac, click on “Settings” to open “Profile Settings” window. In the “Encoder” drop-down under “Audio settings” section, choose 24bit WAV as the encoder

If your source audio files are 5.1 channels (6 channels), you can convert your audio to 5.1 channel. From “Channel” drop-down choose 5.1 channels.

To convert AIFF to 320kbps MP3, In the “Audio Settings”, click on the “Audio Bitrate” drop-down and choose 320 kbps.

How to convert AIFF to 24bit WAV 320Kbps MP3 5.1 channel

Step 4: Convert AIFF or Convert to AIFF on Mac

Click on the “Convert” button at the bottom of the program to start AIFF conversion.