Dec 312013

Ogg, is compressed audio files maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation. It is similar to .MP3 file, but but sounds better than an MP3 file of equal size; can include song metadata, including artist information and track data. OGG is supported by many software music players and some portable music players. It is a pity that OGG is not supported by iTunes. However, with the help of Mac OGG plugin, XiphQT, one can play OGG in 32-bit mode in iTunes under Mountain Lion and earlier version of Mac OS X system. Unfortunately, XiphQT was not updated to support 64-bit applications, which means users will not play OGG in iTunes under OS X 10.9 Mavericks as iTunes does not support run in 32-bit mode in Mavericks.

How about you have large OGG files and want to play OGG in iTunes or add OGG to iTunes to transfer to iPod, iPhone, iPad to play on the go? Follow the following guide you can easily add OGG to iTunes to play in iTunes in Mavericks.

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