Jan 092013

Summary: Easy instruction on how to export and convert Windows Live Movie Maker WLMP to MP4, MOV, MP3 to play on iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Samsang Galaxy, Mac, iTunes or edit in iMovie, Final Cut Pro/Express

WLMP file is a movie project file created by Windows Live Movie Maker. Such .wlmp project file is actually not a valid video file and cannot be opened and played by any media players like VLC, QuickTime, iTunes, iPod, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo for sharing. To play WLMP on Mac is of course hardly by achieved.

Though WLMP files can be reopened in Windows Live Movie Maker on a Windows PC and can be saved or exported to WMV video format, the exported WMV from WLMP will be unable to be played on Mac computer or iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, etc as WMV is an incompatible format with Mac OS X or any Apple devices.

In order to play .wlmp files on Mac QuickTime, iTunes(iTunes 11 included), iPad, iPod, iPod touch, Apple TV, or edit WLMP files in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, we have no other choices but to convert WLMP to MP4, MOV, or MP3.

This article describes a step by step guide on how to convert WLMP to MP4, MP3 or MOV.

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