Jul 312013

For many Mac OS X Mountain Lion users, the OS X system brings them quite a lot of inconvenience to play movies with AC3 audio codec such as MKV with AC3, AVI with AC3 due to the lack of AC3 codec support built in the system. The thing even gets worser as the free popular QuickTime component Perian stopped the development for the support of Mountain Lion. Thus audio is missing when OS X Mountain Lion users try to play videos including MKV AC3, AVI AC3, DivX AC3 and Xvid AC3 in QuickTime Player 7, Divx player, etc.

Many Mac users just lay their hope on the latest Mac system, OS X 10.9 Mavericks since Tim Cook annoused that the newest Mac system would launch in Fall. However, after the beta testing of Mac OS X Mavericks, it is found that AC3 is still not a native supported audio codec.

Thanks to TechiSky, who gives a solution for AC3 codec on Mountain Lion, people can finally enjoy MKV AC3 videos and AVI AC3 audios easily but only in multi-channels. For OS X 10.9 users, they can also take atvantages of TechiSky’s tricks to make AC3 work on OS X Mavericks.

This article includes the free download version of AC3 codec for OS X 10.9, the a52codec.component, and where to place the a52codec.component on Mavericks.

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